Featured in USA Today – September 2013

How to Date Japanese Idols will be featured on the HEA blog of the USA Today. JW shares the romance authors that would release her inner fangirl in celebration of Eloise Bromleigh and her celebrity crush Gakino Yoh.

New Release – September 2013

How to Date Japanese Idols is released on Amazon in print and digital formats.

Cilia Jaspers Interview with Codi Gary – August 2013

April Oglesbee, one half of the duo that is Cilia Jaspers, was interviewed by best-selling author Codi Gary about the upcoming release How to Date Japanese Idols. Codi is a big fan and can’t wait for the rest of the series!

Cilia Jaspers Reviewed by Codi Gary – August 2013

Codi Gary reviews Book One of the Tenshi series, calls How to Date Japanese Idols a “romantic romp that will tickle your funny bone and make you squeal with glee!”

Tenshi Serialization Finishes – August 2013

After months of online serialization, the first book in the Tenshi series is finally concluded . . . just weeks before it goes on sale. The for-fans online publication has grown with each new chapter, but soon the chapters will no longer be available for free viewing.

RWA 2013 – July 17-20 2013

JW travels to Atlanta, Georgia for this year’s national RWA conference.

Tenshi Series Cover Revealed- April 2013

How to Date Japanese Idols its off to a great start! With a fresh new cover design that reflects the whimsy, romance, and subject matter of the series, the book is sure to find eager readers.

Tenshi Series Serialization Announced – March 2013

Book one of the Tenshi series, How to Date Japanese Idols, will be serialized over twenty weeks on Books with Every week, beginning April 1, a new chapter will be available to the public for free! The Tenshi series is co-authored by J. W. Ashley and April Oglesbee and will be published under the name Cilia Jaspers.

Paperback of Into the Woods (Book 1) – February 2013

Into the Woods, the first book of the Into the Woods series, is now available in paperback. At Amazon, readers may purchase the novel for $14.95 USD.

Blog appearance – February 2013

J. W. appeared on the Editor’s blog of F+W Media Imprint Crimson Romance to discuss the Books with Benefits project, Romance in Real Life. Reporting on the BwB team’s recent experiments, J. W. shared 5 tried and true romance tropes that work in real life: the teach me something trope, the falling trope, the siren-song trope, the fashionista trope, and the damsel-in-distress trope.

Romance in Real Life – January 2012

J. W.’s blog Books with Benefits debuts its YouTube Channel with Romance in Real Life: 100 Days of Romance Therapy, a series about love, learning to fall, and living well. In Romance in Real Life, April Oglesbee, the co-creator of Books with Benefits, lives the life of a romance heroine for 100 days, aiming to have one moment every day that is based on a romance novel or film. The project was inspired by Jia Jang’s 100 Days of Rejection Therapy.

Featured by Upworthy – December 2012

J.W.’s TED-Ed video was shared on Upworthy as “Why You Might Never Have Married The Love of Your Life Without Books.”

Book Release – October 2012

Into the Woods, the first book in J.W. Ashley’s paranormal series, is available for sale as an e-pub in the Amazon and iTunes stores on October 29. Later, the novel will be available as an e-pub with Barnes & Noble Booksellers and also as a paperback through Amazon. Buy now at AmazoniTunes (Updates forthcoming.)

Wild and Wanton Line – October 2012

F + W Media  explored the sexy side of the classics with the Wild and Wanton edition of Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights. J.W. proposes a Wild and Wanton version of Jane Eyre.

Cilia Jaspers Series – September 2012

The co-founders of Books with Benefits, J.W. and April, finalize plans and production schedule for a 5-book contemporary romance series about a group of Japanese idols.

Encyclopedia of Romance Fiction – September 2012

Contracted to write two entries the Encyclopedia of Romance Fiction, developed and designed by Kristin Ramsdell which will be published by Greenwood/ABC-CLIO. J.W. is writing the entry for Clinch Cover and Happily-Ever-After Ending.

TED-Ed Lesson – August 2012

How Fiction Can Change Reality: Reading and stories can be an escape from real life, a window into another world — but have you ever considered how new fictional experiences might change your perspective on real, everyday life? From Pride and Prejudice to Harry Potter, learn how popular fiction can spark public dialogue and shape culture. Lesson and script by J.W. (whose real-life secret identity is Jessica Wise), narration by Emilie Soffe, animation by Augenblick Studios.

Galley Cat: First Graf Friday – July 2012

The first paragraph of Into the Woods was selected by to celebrate the art of the first paragraph and the new Galley Cat SoundCloud page. A subsidiary of, Galleycat  presented the first installment of First Graf Friday–a chance to listen to stories from around the world, all read by their authors. Here J.W. read from Into the Woods here.

Crimson Romance – July 2012

J.W. signs with editor extraordinaire, Jennifer Lawler, for paranormal romance, Into the Woods.


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