About Me

After earning my M.A. in English Literature and writing the scintillating thesis George Gissing’s Bodies of Knowledge: The Novel as Social Problem, I decided to move to Taiwan to pursue my own happily-ever-after, despite dear George’s advice on the matter. Packing up my whole life, I settled in Taichung–a busy, wonderful place where I am constantly clicking away on my keyboard, sipping green tea, and eating chocolate covered almonds. When I’m not writing or blogging at Books with Benefits, I teach, scoot around the city, shop, and find new ways to be pleased about life. Oh, and I also doodle. My art is the skill of stick figures, like in my silly little doodle below. Vroooooom.

This year, I finished a TED-Ed video about reading and culture and the first book in my paranormal series Into The Woods was released in October through F+W Media imprint Crimson Romance. Currently, I am working on a sequel to Into The Woods, starring none other than the cantankerous Lukas. I’m also developing another series about Japanese idols and the ladies that love them, which I am co-authoring with my writer-friend April Oglesbee. This series should begin its release in 2013.

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J.W. Ashley Scoots in Taiwan


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